How my business can benefit from a QR code:

What is a quick response code? (QR Code)

A QR code is a small black square made up of dots, lines, and squiggles that opens consumers to a new realm of business. Although the first QR code was introduced in 1964, QR codes became increasingly popular in the restaurant industry in 2020 to allow customers to reduce their contact with menus due to the pandemic.

In 2022 we see QR codes becoming a widely accepted consumer trend that we don’t predict will go away any time soon. In a marketing capacity, they allow brands like Coinbase to make a whole country go crazy trying to scan their TVs at the Superbowl halftime. Coinbase’s commercial had over 20 million people visit their web page in the 1 single minute of their QR code being posted to the screen)

Companies benefitting from QR codes

Companies such as Nissan and General Motors are using QR codes in multiple areas of their business. By scanning one of their QR codes consumers can learn specific vehicle information, have immediate access to picture and video galleries,and get inside access to current incentives.

PayPal uses QR codes to allow easy payment access. PayPal gives buyers and sellers a QR directly linked to their accounts that lets each party scan the other’s code to give immediate payments.

Airlines, cafes, and property management companies are also finding ways to implement QR codes to make the life of their consumer’s easier. A QR code for an airline makes check in quicker and reduces the need for printed boarding passes. Cafes are using QR codes to reduce the spread of germs from passing around menus. Property management groups use QR codes to give tenants electronic access to move in checklists.

Your company may not be selling cars or have use for an online menu, but your business does have a product that could benefit from a product that allows anyone with an iPhone to easily access what you’re selling. QR codes can be placed on fliers and business cards which gives access to consumers even if you’re not around.

How Can My Business Benefit from a QR Code?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important part of a company’s website. SEO is used to improve the quantity of traffic while also improving the type of traffic to fit the mold of your target audience. SEO can also be the reason your website reaches the first page of a google search versus the second or third page. This creates trust between your brand and consumers prior to an interaction.

How does this correlate to using a QR code? The more a consumer uses your QR to visit your website the more SEO is going to go in your favor. QR codes connect online and offline media. QR codes can be placed on fliers and business cards which gives access to consumers even if you’re not around.

Statistics behind QR Codes

In the USA alone 11 million households have used a QR code. Southeast Asia and Indiana had a combined QR code usage of 23 million consumers. 85% of adults have a smartphone meaning that more times than not you will have someone capable of scanning your QR code and seeing what you have to offer without even speaking a word.

Now, more than ever, we are prepared and familiar with the accessibility QR codes provide to not only owners, but consumers as well.

Interested if including QR codes in your marketing strategy is right for your business? Book a coaching call where we break down your marketing strategy and help you fill in the gaps.

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