How to Create Content that Captivates

5 ways to create content that captivates

1.) Create Content People Want to Read

One of the most important aspects of a company is their branding.

Marketing towards young females is going to be a lot of fun hashtags and glitter. Marketing towards young professionals might look a little more structured, still fun, but more professional. When it comes to your audience, you want to show them a brand that represents your company and what you offer. When you know your audience and they know your branding, you’re going to be able to use relevant hashtags and words within your audience’s knowledge which will then captivate them into reading further into your post.

2.) Use Emotion

Creating content that gives readers reasons to follow through with what you’re promoting is a beneficial way to keep them engaged. Content in regards to what is trendy will give readers insight to what they are missing from their lives. Likewise, content that gives them ideas on how to improve their lives will keep them invested and wanting to learn more.

Another huge way to create content that converts is to give readers a reason to feel they are missing out on what you’re offering. Let clients know how you grew your brand from 100 followers to 100k followers. Show them how your photography business lands on the first page of a google search. By teaching clients, potential clients, or anyone else that comes across your content how you became successful, they will be more likely to engage with you to learn more.

3.) Timeline

Giving a timeline will create urgency. Reverting back to giving readers a reason to feel they are missing out. Producing content that includes numbers or a deadline will result in more urgency from consumers.

If your content includes a multitude of ideas or ways to do something, try adding a title such as “5 Ways to Create Content that Captivates”. This gives readers insight on how much information they’re about to receive. While giving someone hundreds of tips on how you got to where you are, content with a general overview, written with 5-10 broad tips, is going to be more engaging.

Another way to introduce a timeline to your content would be to offer your service or a discount of your service to a set amount of consumers. For example, it may be beneficial to offer a free downloadable guide to the first 100 people that sign up for your future masterclass.

4.) Testimonials

What is the first thing you read before booking an Airbnb? Where do you go before signing a lease? The reviews! Even as a startup business, you’re going to have people in your life who can give a testimony to who you are and the type of business you produce.

As you begin to offer your services, it is important to keep in mind that the people you’re doing business with have a lot to offer you in regards to reviewing you. When creating content be sure to include how this product worked for other clients and how that could also benefit other consumers.

5.) Call to Action

Having a Call to Action will be the reason someone contacts you to learn more versus liking your post and moving on.

A few ways to give a Call to Action worth remembering would be to give a sneak peek into other topics you plan on getting into, letting consumers know there are other ways to stay up to date with your content (i.e. EBook, newsletter, other socials), or by asking a question that they may have themselves and then giving an answer suggesting that you have the details they need.

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